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Preserving evidence with video and profiling defendants
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Our primary mission is to provide the highest quality evidence at the most reasonable price.

We utilize more than nine years of experience to provide our Law Firm clients with case-winning evidence – including HD Video, High-Resolution Telephotography, and reliable, detailed Asset Profiles from proprietary sources.
Twin Towers Memorial Asset Profiles

Will there be  any "there" there?
Wouldn't it be great to know whether a defendant is worth the expense and effort?
What happens after you win your judgment or Writ of Execution? We can show you the end of the rainbow.

A well-researched asset profile can give you the answers to those questions.
From locating real property, including mortgages, vehicles, businesses, bank and brokerage accounts, whether in one state or nationwide, if your firm has permissible use to access records, Liston Investigative Services have the resources to provide you with everything you need.

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Requirements for “permissible use” to access protected records will vary depending on the type of intelligence you need. We'll be glad to discuss those options with you at no charge.


Surveillance for L&I Defense

Without high-quality, candid video proof of the suspect claimant's actual abilities, your business client is not likely to meet its burden of proof because, absent strong documentary evidence, your client is in a "he said, she said," or, "we strongly suspect" position, which likely gets them nowhere with the L&I board.

Clandestine surveillance video that we've produced has shocked even the claimant's doctors, who'd believed their patients to be actually injured to the extent that some signed legal documents supporting the claimant's assertion of disability, continuing the claims for years.
Until they saw our video.
Visit the slideshow for samples of "unable to work" claimants.

In Personal Injury Cases and Countering L&I Claims:

Preserving evidence

You know better than anyone that Personal Injury cases, especially complex cases, can take years to actually come to trial. And the more complex the case, the longer it takes.

Liston Investigative Services "A Day in the Life" video will document your client's life before recovery from their injuries, graphically demonstrating to your jury the impact your client's accident has had on their lives.

Your client may "look fine now", but your video will take the jury back to when things were much different. Liston Investigative Services are highly experienced with both videography and still photography.

Evidence we have gathered for our Law Firm clients has been used successfully in pre-trial hearings and at trial, to prove existing conditions and to demonstrate contributing factors in personal injury cases, such as accident scenes, dangerous structures, and negligent conditions.

In a recent case, evidence gathered by Liston Investigative Services significantly contributed to our Law Firm Client obtaining a multimillion-dollar verdict in King County Superior Court.

  • Asset Searches, pre- and Post- litigation
  • Employment History Verification
  • Personal Property Searches
  • Place Of Employment (POE)
  • Jury Support Services
  • MVA scene documentation
  • "Day In The Life" video
  • Deposition video recording
  • Police Incident Report PRA
  • Covert DVR's for L&I claims
  • Workman's Comp clandestine surveillance
  • Media edited for DVD or Windows Media

Our Track Record. Nine Years and Growing.

Customer satisfaction is our goal.
Close teamwork with our clients has built more than 9 years of customer loyalty and trust. We've done this by consistently increasing expertise, saving time, and boosting client success while lowering case expenses. We strive to meet or beat our clients expectations by applying 100% effort to every assignment.

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