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In Workman's Comp Claims

Some people think that a free ride on your Labor and Industries insurance is justifiable through the "deep pockets" theory.

The fact is, when your business is hit with a Workman’s Compensation claim that is approved by the State, you are pretty much on your own if you suspect the claimant is malingering on your dime ...because you will need strong evidence to uphold your burden of proof.

We have investigated claimants who were supposedly completely disabled, only to discover (and successfully document) that, in fact, they were leading completely “normal” lives.
These claimants had, in many cases, successfully filed a claim for total disability, fooling the bureaucracy that administers Labor and Industries claims, and the licensed physicians to whom they were sent for evaluation and treatment of their supposed malady. The problem is that, once a licensed physician declares a claimant impaired, the burden of proof in challenging the claim is enormous, which means that you are “up against it.”

Your choices are stark: paying a fraudulent claimant for his or her L&I payments for their lifetime, or hire us, for a relatively small investment, to investigate the claim and produce the evidence – including surveillance video - that you need to successfully challenge the legitimacy of an L&I claim.

Labor Strike Overt Video

Labor strikes are complex, potentially dangerous, and governed by Federal law.
Liston and Associates have completed over 6,000 hours of experience performing both strike security and overt surveillance.

Our understanding of applicable Federal law means that we can help keep you and your employees (including those on strike) away from potentially serious criminal charges and/or civil liability by documenting striking workers. It’s no coincidence that overt surveillance of an emotionally-charged strike typically results in better behavior by those on strike, for example.

Hiring Smart. We can help.

All new-hire employees represent a certain degree of risk because the fact is, you don’t really know this person beyond their resume' and perhaps a reference or two.
As an employer, you know that references are limited to basically confirming current or former employment and a “Yes” or “No” answer to a question of eligibility for re-employment.

If your firm is hiring for a high-compensation, sensitive, or executive position, the stakes go up exponentially. A small investment up front will provide your firm with the results of our thorough, and confidential, profile report, before the applicant is offered a position.

This can make the difference between knowledgably hiring the right person and making a regrettable (and costly) mistake.

Liston and Associates have the research expertise and resources to fully investigate your applicant’s resume, giving you the ability to make the right hiring choice with confidence.
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  • Employment History Verification
  • Strike Surveillance - Overt Video
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  • Loss Prevention/Asset Protection
  • Industrial Espionage Surveillance
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Contract Compliance
  • Small Claims Investigations

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