About Liston Investigative Services

Credentials. Experience. How the Agency started.
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Fourteen Years and growing

Law Enforcement training, Portland, Oregon.

Agency Principal David Liston began his P.I. career  with groundwork in evidence collection, interviews,
photography and patrol procedures, criminal and civil law from active duty supervisory personnel in Portland Police Bureau's Central Precinct, including precinct Captain Norm Reiter, and Multnomah County D.A. Desmond O'Connell.
Later, 8 Years as Production Director in commercial broadcasting provided the technical media skills he brings to surveillances, recording witness interviews, depositions,  undercover video post-production, and digital editing.

A stint as Oregon-Washington regional supervisor for the national car door unlocking service, Pop-A-Lock brought interstate project management skills and team management into the Liston and Associates portfolio.

Security, Logistics.

In the Security side of the investigative business, Liston first served as a Lockheed logistics consultant to the TSA, in the S.A.S.R. team that ran supply and training for the Sea-Tac and N.W. Region  federal screeners in the S.A.S.R. project.

Dave then worked for five years in Safeco Insurance Corporate Security division's Command Center. Liston also served as Site Supervisor of facility security for Safeco in Redmond, and at State Farm's 5000-employee facility at DuPont, Washington.  

What Are Legal Investigators?

We assist attorneys by obtaining and reviewing police reports and discovery materials, photographing crime or accident scenes, performing background investigations, locating defendants, preparing documentary and demonstrative evidence, and testifying in court.

Legal Investigators such as Liston Investigative Services find facts, defendants and witnesses, perform surveillance and interviews, create high-res audio/video documentation of accident locations, record depositions and interviews for legal professionals such as court reporters, law firms and Pro Se litigants.
In a very real way, we are the Detectives for the civil side of the law. Professional Investigators do not have the arrest powers of commissioned Law Enforcement officers.

Agency Values

I am a licensed Legal Investigator in the state of Washington, I take pride in my profession and take full ownership of every assignment we undertake.
To my clients, I pledge my skill, performance and fidelity so long as I am not asked to violate the ethics of my profession or the laws of the state.
To my fellows, I pledge, in the full measure I ask of them, integrity and fair dealing, tolerance, respect and devotion to the ethics and the purpose of our profession.

In return, we ask three things of our clients:
Tell us the truth; whether you think it's good, bad, ugly or all three.
Provide the information we need in a timely manner.
Please pay us on time. We keep rates low by maintaining a healthy cash flow.