PDF Form Downloads

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Financial Services Menu

Download the Liston Investigative Services Financial Services Menu. This will explain what financial information is available, legal requirements and how to order.
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Subject Information Sheet

This is where all investigations begin. Your Services Agreement will use the information we gather here. Please download, complete and return as an email attachment.
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Our Terms Of Service

Contract terms common to all investigations. Here is what we promise you and ask of our clients. Covering rates, deposits, confidentiality, interference, and legal necessities..
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Case Flowchart: The 10 steps you should know

No matter the case, the way we assess, schedule, execute, evaluate, process the work product, and deliver casework remains the same. View the Case Flowchart to better understand how we work with you for the easiest client experience.
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P.I. License

View a copy of our Agency principal license.

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Illustrated Surveillance Report

A Sample Surveillance Report.
This is a redacted early version of our current Agency format for surveillances.
They have become more illustrated with maps and diagrams over time.